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The Groundz Precinct (Dapto Showground) is the last remaining privately held showground in the Illawarra, owned and operated by Dapto A&H Society Ltd, a company limited by guarantee i.e., non- profit organisation.

Dapto Agricultural & Horticultural (A&H) Society, was formed on Sunday 8 November at a public meeting at the Illawarra Hotel in Dapto. The first Dapto Show was held on 28 January 1857 at Brown's Flour Mill in Brownsville. For the next few decades the show was held at two Brownsville locations.


Dapto Show.jpg

.In the late 1800’s, local farmer, Mr Patrick Hill Osborne donated 10 acres of land to provide a permanent home for the Society close to the new town centre, and train station, for the purpose of conducting an annual show. Over subsequent years the Society acquired an additional six parcels of land adjoining the site to attain its current footprint of approximately 22 acres.


Over the past almost 170 years the Society has delivered numerous activities for the benefit of the community, far surpassing the original purpose to just hold an annual show.

The Groundz is home to numerous community groups and clubs including Dapto Rugby League Football Club Greyhound Racing NSW, Dapto Pigeon Club, Dapto Poultry Club, Markets, Illawarra Cancer Carers etc.

The vast green space and multi-use facilities are also used for the annual Dapto Show, trade shows, festivals, markets, private functions and more.

Following the COVID19 pandemic, the Society launched the Tap House, a family friendly recreational space for the benefit of the local community.

A summation of the company’s purpose, goals and values is as follows:



To enrich our community



To provide a dynamic community space which facilitates social belonging and engagement

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