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Dapto Agricultural & Horticultural Society Ltd is a Company Limited by Guarantee.

A company limited by Guarantee is often referred to as a 'not for profit' or 'Charitable company', this refers to the fact the parties involved do not remove the profit from the company as shareholders can in a company limited by shares. By law any surplus (profit) made by a Company Limited by Guarantee must be reinvested towards the organisation's purposes.

Volunteers have been integral through Dapto A&H’s history and the majority of which make up its membership. Members of the Society are people that actively support the objects of the company and are willing to provide time and expertise to achieve the Mission and Vision.

The Society consists of Associate Adult Members, Full Adult Members and Junior Members.


Junior Membership



Associate Adult Membership



Full Adult Membership


You can become a volunteer at any time without becoming a Member.


If you are interested in joining as a member you will need to be nominated by two current members. Becoming an Associate Member is a good starting point if you have not previously volunteered and/or have had no prior involvement with the Groundz.


Full members are entitled to a discount to activities and events from time to time, as determined by the Society.

The Board consists of 5-7 Directors appointed at the annual General Meeting or thereafter.

Current Directors

Life Members

Mr. B Bates*                                 Mr. C J Keys*                                    Mrs. V Quinlivan*

Mrs. P Dayman*                          Mrs. V Duncan*                               Mrs. L Fairley*

Mr. H Harvey*                               Mr. W Nunan*                                  Mr. L W Wilson*

Mr. R Chie*                                    Mr. N A McPhail*                             Mr. B Smith*

Mr. J Davies*                                Mr. H Meaker*                                  Mr. L Smith*

Mr. D Haug*                                  Mr. G Heininger*                             Mr. R Thompson*

Mr. N Leslie *                                 Mrs. S Primmer                                Mr. J Primmer 

Mr. E Novak                                   Mr. A Shiells   

*Denotes Deceased Members

A Shiells – Chairperson

S. Leslie

S. Fernandes

G. Thompson

A Costello

M. James

If you are interested in getting involved with Dapto A&H Society, contact us.





PO Box 18, Dapto NSW 2530

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