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Dapto Agricultural & Horticultural Society (Dapto A&H) and Greyhound Racing New South Wales have reached agreement on key terms of a commercial settlement that will deliver:

· a medium-term lease to facilitate greyhound racing at the Dapto A&H facilities run by GRNSW on Thursday evenings and Monday morning;

· full operational control of Dapto A&H back to the existing management and Board, and removal of the current Administrator;

· use of the ‘Dapto Dogs’ brand by GRNSW on a licensing basis;

· discontinuation of Supreme Court proceedings.

The broader aspects of the agreement are subject to confidentiality agreements between both parties.

GRNSW Chief Executive Officer Mr Tony Mestrov said:

“I am delighted by this outcome, and thankful to the Dapto Agricultural and Horticultural Society that we have been able to settle our differences. We have reached suitable terms with the Dapto Agricultural and Horticultural Society to take over the running of meetings at the existing site under a lease agreement until June 30, 2021.

“In the coming months we will consider our best options to stay or move, including the options of building a brand new facility in the region that can cater for our ongoing needs and vision for both racing and welfare facilities.

“I would like to thank our participants for their continued support throughout this matter, and I am delighted that the world famous Dapto Dogs will continue to survive and now thrive,” he said.

Dapto A&H Society CEO, Katrina Novak, said:

“We are pleased to be able to put this episode behind us and to move on without the distractions of a complex and expensive legal process.

“This agreement provides for certainty around Greyhound Racing at Dapto in the medium term, while also ensuring the broader community users of this vital community asset continue to enjoy the full benefits of the Showgrounds facilities.

“It is strictly business as usual for Dapto A&H as we get back to the business of running and enhancing this vital community asset for the benefit of the entire Dapto community,” she said.

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